Todd Drye Todd Drye
I've been a DJ, karaoke host, and professional musician for over 20 years. I'm originally from the Charlotte area. I grew up singing and playing guitar in many different bands and groups. I moved to Austin TX in 1993, where I became part of a professional wedding band. Yes, I was a wedding singer.

We provided our services all over the state. And went overseas and entertained the troops in Korea, Germany, England, Iceland and many others. In 2006, I decided to make my way back to Charlotte. With my knowledge of music, I became a wedding DJ and have been doing it ever since. I have over 50,000 songs, from the 1930's right up to todays latest hits, including every type of genre from country to pop to Motown, and take requests. And I have the complete light show.

Chris Chris A.K.A DJ Casper.
As a master of ceremonies & DJ, I’ve been hosting weddings professionally since 1990. I’m warm, proficient, and sincere, without resorting to canned routines, generic announcements, or empty chatter. I know I’m representing you in front of all your friends and family, so I should understand you and your style very well. I also know that the best emcees aren’t intrusive but serve instead as hosts and guides, and that anything said on the microphone should have real meaning.

My approach is very collaborative and creative. I design a timeline together that best suits your tastes and those of your guests. I customize the music for every part of the day — from ceremony to cocktail hour to dinner to dancing — and I learn from you not just the important songs but WHY they’re important. These details help me tailor everything to your tastes and, help connect the guests emotionally to what’s happening. When guests are moved like that, they spontaneously join the celebration on the dance floor — not just because they hear a good song, but because they want to join in all that good feeling!

For me, weddings aren’t just “gigs”: I think of each as I did my own wedding — a truly rare occasion, very possibly the only time this exact group of friends and family will share an evening, a chance to celebrate both this momentous day in your relationship as well as all the loving people in your lives. Serving as emcee and DJ, presiding over the entertainment at your reception, is a huge honor and an enormous responsibility. I treat it with all the respect, humility, and joy that entails.